Crista & Gord's Engagement

I absolutely loved capturing these two loved birds <3 Crista & I met last year at the Wedding Trends Bridal Show in Kitchener. I was still a newbie photographer & I told her about my journey. She told me about her boyfriend (then), Gord, and how long they have been dating. Naturally, I was super excited when she contacted me about their engagement photos!

The session took place in Uptown Waterloo & in Victoria Park in Kitchener. Being the creative, fun-loving person Crista is, she brought a lot of cool props & ideas that made the photos even more awesome!

Although it was chilly out, but they kept each other warm :)

The Culley Family

I absolutely loved capturing this family! They are fun loving and laughable! The location of the session took place in Heidelberg at the Three Bridges Banquet Hall and at a near by pumpkin patch!

The Charters Family

This was my second time photographing this lovely family! I love being a family photographer, and I love when my clients do family photo sessions every year because I can see the growth of their children! These kids have definitely grown! They are full of energy and laughter, and lots of love <3

The location of the session took place on the Grey Silo golf course (obviously not in the middle of it). It was oh so chilly, but totally worth it!

The Paul's Family

I loved working with this family! They are SO full of energy, and are a very close knit family. It is clear that they love each other very much (there were lots of hugs that occurred), not to mention they have a great sense of humour which definitely kept me entertained during the session.

The location of the shoot was in Baden, Ontario where there are a lot of beautiful fields and forestry. It was a beautiful October day; we got to capture some of those beautiful fall colours while they were still around!

Rebecca & Deb

I loved working with these girls! They have the sweetest friendship<3 Rebecca contacted me saying she'd like to surprise her best friend with a photo shoot. That day when I went to go meet them, her friend had no idea what was happening! It was definitely a surprise.

The location of these photos were in Waterloo, Ontario where there was a beautiful barn and an amazing field.

Bethany 2.0

My first shoot with Bethany was back in April 2014 when I was first starting out. This girl is absolutely beautiful inside and out-- she's filled with energy, and spread's love wherever she goes.

I love working with her. 

Mr. & Mrs.

I adore this couple. When I first met them, my first impression of Her was this beautiful girl who was so filled with life & love. I was excited. I was excited because I could already foresee an awesome relationship in our future.

The Wedding took place in Hamilton, Ontario; the ceremony was outdoor, on the rooftop of the Best Western Premier C Hotel by Carmen's, overlooking the beautiful tree hills. It was a very gloomy, cold, rainy day--but that could not stop how beautiful the ceremony was.

The bridal party photos took place at Albion Falls (The upper part because there was no way any of us were going down there without wiping out first).

The reception took place inside the hotel. Their first dance was to an awesome rock song with their own unique choreographed dance.

My favourite part of the day was when I took them out to get some extra photos done. We walked out to a beautiful sunset on one side, and a rainbow on the other. Completely made up for the rain during the ceremony. 

It was so great to spend the past year getting to know these two. Now that it's all over, I feel like a piece of me is missing. Congratulations!

The Kropf Family

I took a few photos of this family last year to help build my portfolio, and now they are real clients! I love this family; I love seeing their kids grow along with their love for each other. Last year it was pretty hectic because the kids were pretty young, and I have to say this time around was a lot easier (for both of us). 

The location of this shoot took place on someone's beautiful property in New Dumfries. They have a beautiful barn & an amazing amount of field in their back yard.

The session was going great until the poor little guy got stung by a bee! Nevertheless, beautiful photos, beautiful family. 

Anna & Nick's Engagement

Engagement shoots are even MORE fun when they are of your friends <3 I swear Anna has been planning her wedding for quite some time now... she actually asked me to do her engagement photos a few months back (before they were even engaged). Anna and Nick got engaged a little over a month ago, so you can tell the excitement on this future bride. 

It was a beautiful day for a photo shoot. The session took place during golden hour... but as you will see from the photos, the sun didn't come out to play (:(). It was beautiful nevertheless; this couple made the photos so amazing that the sun was not even needed.

The session location was by Conestoga College in Kitchener where there's an abandoned mill. The stone wall made for an elegant backdrop.

I thought this session would be gross because they are my friends after all (hashtag cooties), but they are just so gosh darn cute <3



       This photo shoot was by far my favourite of the year! It was a tribute to spring; putting a "spring" into the aftermath from winter. My model for this shoot was the beautiful Bethany! She is an absolute natural. I got to pull out my glue gun and do some arts and crafts for this one, which was super exciting for me. Yes, that flower crown is completely hand made. I got a chair involve as a part of a creative aspect, which gave a very nice classy/elegant look to the pictures. I decided to use white attire for this shoot because I went with a location that was a dark dead forest, which made the colour pop out even more. Overall, again, an amazing shoot. Very thankful that spring is just around the corner.

The Broughm Family

I love, love, LOVE this family. They are very close and dear to my heart, and aren't they SO good looking? It was a pleasure photographing this family! Amanda approached me asking for pictures of just the kids so she can give her Mom it as a mother's day gift. That didn't work out, however this family shoot was delivered just in time for her birthday! (Happy birthday Lesley!). The shoot took place in Elmira just across the street from the Broughm residence. You can't tell, but there was actually a fairly large playground right beside us, but the leaves were so gorgeous we had to use the location! It was a pretty chilly day, the clouds would come and go, but overall a great day!

Mom and Dad, you produced some good looking children! And hey, you're not so bad yourselves.

Also note that even though Jack (dog) wasn't in many of the photos, he is definitely a member of the Broughm family.


Olivia 3.0

Ah, yes. It is the return of Olivia! 

This shoot was awesome. It lasted approximately 10 minutes before we decided it wasn't worth the bugs having a free feast. This photo shoot took place just outside the Rim Park building. I specifically told Olivia not to wear green because she will blend in with the nature, but hey, she's rebellious (the green worked perfectly). 

This was the first shoot I did with my new 35mm 1.4; I had literally gotten it only an hour before the shoot. Much excitement.

You will notice an array of different editing techniques.


Just because.


Mr. & Mrs. Brubacher

My second photographer, Julie Gosen and I had an amazing time shooting this wedding!

It was a pleasure getting to know Lindsay & Dan months before their wedding (I did their engagement shoot as well), and watching their relationship develop leading up to their big day.

The ceremony & reception took place at St. John's church in Waterloo. The beautiful stone exterior would melt any photographer's heart. Lindsay is quite crafty and most of the decor inside was her doing.

I think my FAVOURITE part was watching Dan play Lindsay down the aisle with his wicked electric guitar.

It was COLD. Thankfully, the snow makes for an amazing backdrop so it doesn't completely sabotage. The snow started beautifully drifting down from the heavens half way during the group shots. I think my hands were frozen in my "shutter finger" position for awhile, but it was completely worth it.

You can see Lindsay and Dan's love just by the way they look at each other; it makes my heart happy to see a couple so in love <3

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brubacher! 

Prom 2015

WOW.  I haven't blogged in awhile and I've definitely missed it.

On May 22nd, I had the privilege to photograph THREE amazing groups from WCI. Although personally I think the actual prom experience is fairly overrated, the pictures are the BEST part.

This was my largest group of the three, and they were all so pretty (and handsome). The session took place in Victoria Park where my feet was numb by the end of the night (never wearing heels again). There was a mob of silk and bow ties below the clock tower when I arrived; it was hard to tell what group was a part of my own.  We walked from the clock tower to the furthest bridge in the park, which was half the size of the main bridge; it was closed for some odd reason. It was craziness, but 100% enjoyable.

Just as I did, I hope you enjoy these photos!

Taylor 2.0

This shoot took place some time last week. It could have been two weeks ago... but I just don't remember. 

I love working with Taylor. Not only is she beautiful, but the camera also loves her.

I made that rather large head piece she's wearing. It seems that big flower crowns are the newest trend, so I thought I'd give it a try. No, I didn't accidentally make it too small, I wanted the "look" to hover on her head. I thought it turned out somewhat decently; totally worth the hot glue gun burns.

The session took place on the corner of Eby Crescent where there's a beautiful stone wall, tall grass, and some open farm fields. The weather was my absolute favourite kind of photo weather: overcast. 

I had a few more ideas for shots, but my camera decided to break right in the middle of our session. It is currently in the shop *cue heartbreaking sound*.

Nevertheless, I am truly happy by the way these photos turned out.

Cheers to spring!

Mr & Mrs. Hockley

Excited to share this beautiful spring wedding!
The big day took place on Saturday, May 23rd 2015. It was a beautiful sunshiney day-- and it was HOT. 

I was the only photographer for this wedding, so my day began at Kylie's house where the girls were getting ready. She was seriously the most chill bride ever. She was super calm and collective, and incredibly punctual. 

We then journeyed on over to a house in Hawksville where Kylie & Adam would have their first look and we would start the bridal party photos. The house was not their own, but Adam's friend's house (recently moved out of) where he played at when he was younger. The bride and I drove separately and I met her behind the house where a graveyard was. Her dad had just deserted her there and she was in the middle of the graveyard by herself. Zombie bride. It was hilarious. This was my first experience creating a "first look" before the ceremony; it was oh-so fun.

After the bridal party photos, we headed over to where the church was located in Wallestein. We did a few dirt road photos-- it looked great.

The reception then took place at Bingemans in Kitchener.

& we danced. 

Engagement 2.0

This was my second time doing engagement photos for this lovely couple. I absolutely adore Her. She's so cute and bubbly, and incredibly uplifting.

This couple is picture perfect.

I'm so excited for their wedding in September 2015!

Mr. & Mrs. Grieve

It was a hot August day, but boy was it ever beautiful! The lovely Grieve wedding took place at the Wellington County & Archives Museum in Elora.

Now, when I first met this couple I thought they were super shy, but after this day it was great to see what a fun, energetic group they were!

It was a beautiful, intimate outdoor ceremony; there was lots of laughter.

When it came to bridal party pictures, everyone was pretty sweaty from being outside for so long, but they were champs and put a smile on their face the whole way through!

The reception took place at the Hanlon Convention Centre in Guelph. The amazing blue-themed decor added to the elegant banquet hall.

It was a great day.