The Broughm Family

I love, love, LOVE this family. They are very close and dear to my heart, and aren't they SO good looking? It was a pleasure photographing this family! Amanda approached me asking for pictures of just the kids so she can give her Mom it as a mother's day gift. That didn't work out, however this family shoot was delivered just in time for her birthday! (Happy birthday Lesley!). The shoot took place in Elmira just across the street from the Broughm residence. You can't tell, but there was actually a fairly large playground right beside us, but the leaves were so gorgeous we had to use the location! It was a pretty chilly day, the clouds would come and go, but overall a great day!

Mom and Dad, you produced some good looking children! And hey, you're not so bad yourselves.

Also note that even though Jack (dog) wasn't in many of the photos, he is definitely a member of the Broughm family.