Taylor 2.0

This shoot took place some time last week. It could have been two weeks ago... but I just don't remember. 

I love working with Taylor. Not only is she beautiful, but the camera also loves her.

I made that rather large head piece she's wearing. It seems that big flower crowns are the newest trend, so I thought I'd give it a try. No, I didn't accidentally make it too small, I wanted the "look" to hover on her head. I thought it turned out somewhat decently; totally worth the hot glue gun burns.

The session took place on the corner of Eby Crescent where there's a beautiful stone wall, tall grass, and some open farm fields. The weather was my absolute favourite kind of photo weather: overcast. 

I had a few more ideas for shots, but my camera decided to break right in the middle of our session. It is currently in the shop *cue heartbreaking sound*.

Nevertheless, I am truly happy by the way these photos turned out.

Cheers to spring!