Prom 2015

WOW.  I haven't blogged in awhile and I've definitely missed it.

On May 22nd, I had the privilege to photograph THREE amazing groups from WCI. Although personally I think the actual prom experience is fairly overrated, the pictures are the BEST part.

This was my largest group of the three, and they were all so pretty (and handsome). The session took place in Victoria Park where my feet was numb by the end of the night (never wearing heels again). There was a mob of silk and bow ties below the clock tower when I arrived; it was hard to tell what group was a part of my own.  We walked from the clock tower to the furthest bridge in the park, which was half the size of the main bridge; it was closed for some odd reason. It was craziness, but 100% enjoyable.

Just as I did, I hope you enjoy these photos!