Mr & Mrs. Hockley

Excited to share this beautiful spring wedding!
The big day took place on Saturday, May 23rd 2015. It was a beautiful sunshiney day-- and it was HOT. 

I was the only photographer for this wedding, so my day began at Kylie's house where the girls were getting ready. She was seriously the most chill bride ever. She was super calm and collective, and incredibly punctual. 

We then journeyed on over to a house in Hawksville where Kylie & Adam would have their first look and we would start the bridal party photos. The house was not their own, but Adam's friend's house (recently moved out of) where he played at when he was younger. The bride and I drove separately and I met her behind the house where a graveyard was. Her dad had just deserted her there and she was in the middle of the graveyard by herself. Zombie bride. It was hilarious. This was my first experience creating a "first look" before the ceremony; it was oh-so fun.

After the bridal party photos, we headed over to where the church was located in Wallestein. We did a few dirt road photos-- it looked great.

The reception then took place at Bingemans in Kitchener.

& we danced.